The Reagan Show
The Made-for-TV Politics of Ronald Reagan

The Reagan Show - The Made-for-TV Politics of Ronald Reagan
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Not a bad doc, but quite an arbitrary selection of issues that leaves out Reagan's administration involvement in Central America and other key issues that marked its time. But still watchable.

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“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." HL Mencken. "Bigly." DJ Trump

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I think many seeing this and criticizing it, may have lived through it and wished for more commentary on the events. But for those who were just children or not yet born, I think seeing just the news footage through the years, is powerful enough. It's a solid introduction to how our modern ...Read more

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Interesting documentary with a thorough use of archival footage. Somewhat repetitive -- particularly with the odd mashup of Beethoven Symphony No.7...

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What an awful production!

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Brilliant story-telling technique. The use of archival footage captures much of the contemporaneous mood. The focus on nuclear arms is spot-on, as that was the biggest life-or-death issue of the day. It misses some of the culture war, AIDS, Central America, and other important issues. And it ...Read more

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this is great. haunting, eerie, and understated.

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Wow! Horrible depiction of perhaps our greatest President. Just ask Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, or Harvey Weinstein!

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This documentary really could've used a narrator.

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A bit dull. Seeing Reagan perform for the camera was interesting, but only for few minutes. A lot of presidents have to endure the behind-the-scenes camera opportunities. Everyone knows Reagan had been an actor earlier in his life. The documentary needs more political meat to be worthwhile ...Read more

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It's troubling to see how accepted it was for the presidency to be considered as a part to play, or another role in a film, a mouthpiece basically. The role of technology, and improvements in video recording and TV were also crucial to this ongoing performance. It's all kind of disturbing!

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Didn't say much.

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Interesting documentary comprised of archival footage of Reagan edited together to form a cohesive story. A film about the importance of the ‘show’ in forming public very relevant in today’s political environment. I had heard the film lacked a narrator so was curious how the ...Read more

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