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Episode 1 Cluny The Scourge: Part 1
Matthias the mouse is orphaned when the vile rat Cluny The Scourge destroys his township. Adopted by the generous creatures of Redwall Abbey, he grows up to admire their legendary…
Episode 2 Cluny The Scourge: Part 2
While Redwall prepares for a long siege, Cluny steals the symbolic tapestry of Martin The Warrior from within the Abbey, and Matthias learns that Martin's great sword still exists -…
Episode 3 Treachery
Cluny uses the treacherous fox, Chickenhound, to plant a rumour of an attack on Redwall
Episode 4 Sparra's Kingdom
Following complex clues, Matthias is searching for Martin's Sword
Episode 5 Cluny's Clowns
A travelling circus comes to Redwall and Cluny uses it to try and infiltrate the Abbey with his lieutenants, dressed as clowns
Episode 6 High Standards
Cluny attempts to starve the Redwallers into submission
Episode 7 Captain Snow
While Cluny plans to recapture the tapestry by burning down the Abbey gates, Matthias determines to renew his search for Martin's sword
Episode 8 Battle Plans
Conspiring with Matthias, Constance Badger builds a huge crossbow and shoots Cluny
Episode 9 The Visitor
Cluny captures a travelling spice salesmouse and holds his wife. The fearful husband is forced to enter Redwall and take Cornflower captive in return for his wife. Torn between love…
Episode 10 A Favor Returned
Matthais's wild sparrow friend, Warbeak, attempts to scout Cluny's camp as he prepares yet another attack on the Abbey.
Episode 11 Asmodeus
Matthias sets off to find Asmodeus and recapture Martin's sword.
Episode 12 Underground
As Matthias is lost deep in Asmodeus's caverns, Cluny digs his way under Redwall.
Episode 13 The Final Conflict
Cluny seizes the family of a dormouse and threatens to kill them unless their father, Plumpen, betrays Redwall and opens the gates to his army.

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