Regarding Susan Sontag
Portrait of a Feminist Icon

Regarding Susan Sontag - Portrait of a Feminist Icon
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Visuals are a little cheesy and redundant, and too dissolvy. Interviews could have been way meatier. but, It was nice to learn more about Susan S.Sontag.

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This was marvelous. Knowing that someone with such a zest for life and art felt like she had not been successful - despite all of her accomplishments and works, influence and accolades - is a real spur to create something of my own. I'm excited to read Sontag's essays soon, too.

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A profound introduction to a remarkable individual. I had read excerpts from On Photography in college and I was moved by the questions she posed on the nature of photography, weighing its benefits and detriments. A decade later, I find myself happy to take another deep dive into a pioneering ...Read more

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Well done and balanced biography of Susan Sontag. People forget that “coming out” is only become easier in the last 15 years. Famous people where often “outed” unwillingly not voluntarily. Kanopy is a wonderful opportunity for people to become self educated thru excellent documentaries and ...Read more

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I wonder if Nancy Kates had not made this film if anyone would have but having seen it I'm so glad is was she who did. I always found Susan Sontag to be enigmatic and this documentary helped me sort that out though of course far from completely which is the point. Thank you Kanopy for ...Read more

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Profoundly moving documentary- well done

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Against interpretation has stuck with me for years after It was apart of my required reading in Art History class. Thank you for sharing such a vivid, honest portrayal of an incredibly important literary and social figure. I've been inspired to read more of her work. I've also taken in an ...Read more

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She lived such an inspiring, vivid life! This doc is a touching portrait of an incredible figure, made with real care for Susan Sontag and her legacy. 10/10 would recommend!

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Nancy Kates

I was inspired to make a film about Susan Sontag because of my sadness at her passing. When she died in late 2004, I felt that an important voice had been silenced. A few months after her death, I found myself having an argument with a colleague about whether Sontag had been a lesbian. ...Read more

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beautiful film ,thank you

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Thank you for a profoundly moving film. I have some sympathy for Sontag's fear (if that what it was) of coming out. It is only recently that LGBTQ people can be out and not have our work completely marginalized for doing so. It still occurs today. For someone like Sontag, who aspired to ...Read more

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Deep breaths. Poetry. And a ton of hope. Wish she was around today to axe all the BS in the world. Deep, never ending goodness. Good film also. Awesome person!!!

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There could never be enough thanks for Susan Sontag's writing and her vivid, amazing life. Great film.

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From many of us: thank you, Susan, for your work & the life you lived & shared with so many, in so many ways. And thanks to all those who contributed to the making of this inspiring film.

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