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1/5 stars

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This is a good movie. Plummer is great.

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Unless I missed mention of it, there is a major plot hole in this. Otherwise, excellent film.

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Excellent!! the ending is everything. No matter how your attention wans during the film stick with it till the end. I couldn't have guessed that ending for a million dollars.......

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Didn't watch all of this: absolutely awful.

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excellent acting, very good script. love egoyan's films-always thought provoking

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What a masterful and well executed plan by Max!

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Shocking ending to a superbly acted and directed film. One of a kind story.

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Superb slow building tense drama. Outstanding acting by all involved especially Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau. Unforgettable ending.

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Wonderful film. Stay with it - very satisfying ending. Plummer captivates in 'The Exception'.

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Highly recommend. Stay with it - very satisfying ending. Plummer also captivates in 'The Exception'.

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Outstanding movie!

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Great plot and twist at the end. Plummer and Landau great.

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incredible plot twist at the end.
Plummer was 85 when this was made.
Landau was 86, and died two years after.
Amazing performances from both of these veteran actors.
A few critics panned it but I don't get why.

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