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What a delight. This beautiful film honors both Renoirs.

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Renoir is beautiful and poignant film about the famous artist. That description doesn't begin to truly describe this exceptional film.

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An homage to Renoir and the vitality of his creative powers despite impairment and the vicissitudes of age, grief and loss. Inspiring, beautiful scenes are filled with the colour of love. An uplifting, joyful, tranquil film of all of the people who worked so that the boss could paint. I ...Read more

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What a beautiful gentle movie, I kick myself for not watching it sooner. Every actor, no matter the screen time, plays their part to perfection. When asked by his doctor what he will do when he can't use his hands, Renoir say, "I'll paint with my dick".

I wonder if he ever knew the ...Read more

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The movie felt like one of his paintings, a glance at part of his life using soft brushstrokes. Relaxing and interesting to watch.

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kay louise

a visual delight alright. Was it arthritis or rheumatism that was crippling the artist's joints? How devoted his staff were.

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Wiki says it was rheumatoid arthritis. It also says his brushes were not tied to his hands but someone had to put them in his hands.

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You feel the director's desire in every scene to make a film worthy of the celebrated artist, and he succeeds admirably. A beautiful film, entrancing.

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A beautiful film for both fans of Renoir senior the famous master painter and his famous and brilliant filmmaker son Jean Renoir. Beautiful shot, with amazingly talented actors lovely script full of beautiful lines. Based off my research the film also contains many wonderful historical ...Read more

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Great film for art lovers who enjoy slow pace films. Full of historical passages on the work of great master Renoir. Beautiful and sensual cinematographic.

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The gorgeous cinematography, as close to a Renoir masterpiece as is possible on film, is what kept me engaged.

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Mary Ann

The cinematography was very well done - captured the era, the people and landscape of France as seen in the lovely paintings by Renoir and other impressionist. Jean was intriguing portraying due to the war the brave young men of the time. Should inspire the men that flee their country to man ...Read more

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