Life stories of Russian Centenarians

Resilience - Life stories of Russian Centenarians
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Lilianna Lungina, a revered Russian translator, analyzes the major events of 20th century Russia through the prism of her own life. Oleg Dorman's brilliant film, which became a sensation when finally released over 4 nights on Russian television in 2009, is at once heartfelt and unsentimental--an unparalleled tribute to a…
This is the classic Academy-Award winning documentary film of an astonishing adventure, a journey spanning 4,300 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean by raft. Intrigued by Polynesian folklore, Norwegian biologist Thor Heyerdahl suspected that the South Sea Islands had been settled by an ancient race from thousands of miles to…
Little Potato - From Soviet Nightmares to American Dreams
An autobiographical short about a boy growing up gay in the Soviet Union, his mail-order-bride mom, and their adventurous escape to America. Winner of Best Documentary Short at the SXSW Film Festival. Winner of Outstanding Documentary Short Film at L.A. Outfest.
Glasnost Film Festival - Volume 1
Against the Current, 27 min. A film about ecological crime and how the residents of Kirishi protested a local chemical plant. The Wood Goblin, 18 min. For 15 years a former WWII tank commander lived alone in the woods after a smear campaign removed him from his Communist party position.
Glasnost Film Festival - Volume 2:The Temple
Part of the Series: Glasnost Film Festival
The Temple , 8 min. A strikingly beautiful film about the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia and the role of religion in Soviet society.
Glasnost Film Festival - Volume 3
The Tailor, 50 min. A sobering look at the spiritual void and disillusionment of middle-aged Soviet adults, many of whom became aged before their time. Early on Sunday, 16 min. A wonderful portrait of old village women, whose unpretentious observations about life, love and perestroika evoke laughter and compassion.
Glasnost Film Festival - Volume 5
Scenes at a Fountain , 28 min. Dramatically portrays the bold, yet primitive efforts to cap the world's largest natural gas fire on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The Limit, 15 min. A horrifying look at the personal catastrophe of alcoholism on the lives of a number of people…
Glasnost Film Festival - Volume 6
And the Past Seems But a Dream, 87 min. A 50-year reunion of former residents of Igarka reveals a time that was a painful nightmare and the complicated attitudes of people towards Stalin. Theatre Square, 28 min. Without any narration or interviews, this film presents the images and sounds of…
Glasnost Film Festival - Volume 7
BlacK Square, 56 min. The story of Russia's artistic avant-garde from the 1950's to the 1970's, when their works were condemned or destroyed. Dialogues, 28 min A bacchanal of rock-jazz and new wave music erupts in an abandoned Leningrad palace, a demonstration of freer musical expression.
Glasnost Film Festival - Volume 8
This is How We Live, 30 min. A shocking look at young homegrownfascists and self-styled "punks" revealing the growing alienation among young people. Homecoming, 17 min. In words reminiscent of Vietnam veterans, Soviet veterans of the Afghan War describe their anguish upon their return from the battlefield.
Glasnost Film Festival - Volume 9 - Marshall Blucher: A Portrait Against the Backdrop of an Epoch
Part of the Series: Glasnost Film Festival
Marshall Blucher: A Portrait Against the Backdrop of an Epoch, 70 min. A sweeping look at the excesses of the Stalin era through the story of a top Red Army commander, who in 1938 was declared an "enemy of the people"; and perished in Stalin's torture chambers.
Glasnost Film Festival - Volume 10
The Trial-II, 55 min. A collective meditation on the past and future of the Soviet Union, including a testament from the wife of Nikolai Bukharin. Adonis XIV, 9min. A "judas" goat serenely leads a herd of animals to the slaughterhouse in this short parable which was banned for 9 years.