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he really loves chopping wood

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Remember the words of his boss? Too soft, always tries to be tough but others see it right through. He could have left his grandfather to death. Probably thought about it but he couldn't do it. He could have shot the cop in his face and raped his wife. That was probably his plot. Turned out ...Read more

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Calling this a sick psycho sex film seems a bit ridiculous. Yes there are a handful of sexually explicit scene but the overall atmosphere seems quite restrained. Many scenes could have been grotesquely played out but often ellipses and off screen action deter that.

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A great movie open to all human possibilities.

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This film was brilliant and in some ways untouchable. I imagine that is why it was included in the pantheon of Criterion Films. The multiple and complex relationships, for a moment, gave me hope for humanity.
Then I read some of the inane comments about this film being a sick, psycho ...Read more

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I love a good sick, psycho sex film for the perverts.

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Beautifully shot. Best sick, pycho sex film for the perverts I've seen in a while.

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A masterpiece, I cannot agree more, an extraordinary piece of work which takes us to a very different reality, where people is still people under severe conditions, and still trying to be happy in their own ways.

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A masterpiece.

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Smart, even touching beneath the grit and grime – great film-making.

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This was a very good film.

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Definite recommend.

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WSU Student

A sick, pycho sex film for the perverts. What is the educational value of this film that is about prostitution?

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Please continue watching watered down and brainless Hollywood movies (sort of education for the modern American youth unfortunately). Leave us to enjoy masterpieces of world cinema.

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You must have a pretty narrow definition of "educational value" if you think that sexual content automatically disqualifies a critically acclaimed film. Kanopy is an excellent streaming source for film students, for example, or other people who are informed enough to realize that a movie ...Read more

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"A sick, pycho sex film for the perverts."

That might be the greatest review I've ever read.

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Thanks for notifying us of the graphic content in this film. We have put a disclaimer in the synopsis so future viewers will be aware that this film could be potentially offensive to some audiences. We are proud to represent a wide variety of film in our catalog but understand that we should ...Read more

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sabino luevano

great movie!

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