Rider on the Rain
Le passager de la pluie

Rider on the Rain - Le passager de la pluie
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Strange but interesting movie. Didn't recognize any of the actors except
for Jill Ireland and Charles Bronson. I'd give it 4 stars instead of the 1 posted.

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One of Bronson best. Clement's a master of the psyche thriller.

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There were two versions of the movie. I think it should be shown in French since all actors (except Bronson) are French speakers (although we hear Marlène Jobert real voice in the English version). I find this film overrated and the plot confusing.

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Has anyone seen the French language version? I'm wondering if Marlène Jobert comes across as less of a ninny speaking her own language, in her own voice? (I assume someone dubbed her?) Apparently it wasn't just a different sound track but a whole other version shot in French, with Bronson ...Read more

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Marlène Jobert was never an A list actress. She was most famous in the 70s. She is mostly remembered now for being the mother of actress Eva Green (Casino Royale).

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