Roller Derby Dolls

National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
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Sonja Henie
Narrated by Cliff Robertson The daughter of a fur wholesaler, Sonja Henie received her first pair of ice skates when she was six. Eight years later, she was the Norwegian Skating Champion. At 15, she would win the gold medal in Skating at the 1928 Olympics, thus becoming the youngest…
Bigger than Barbie
In South Africa, a small group of women from the townships around Cape Town are changing their lives, and exciting people all over the world by making colourful beaded dolls. In Bigger than Barbie we follow the women behind the beading project, Monkeybiz and their fight to overcome poverty and…
Looking for Athenes
Part of the Series: Looking For
"The mother of all battles", "The Derby of all Eternal Enemies" and today "The Civil War"... The rivality between the Olympiakos and the Panathinaikos of Athens reflects the situation of Greece. Eric Cantona goes back in time to focus on those legends of Greek football.
Fundamental Hairstyling - Roller Placement
This programme looks at roller placement techniques.
In the Turn - A Transgender Girl Empowered by Roller Derby
This award-winning documentary follows Crystal, a 10-year-old transgender girl growing up in rural Canada, as she navigates the difficult and complicated world that surrounds her. Tormented at school by teachers and peers alike, she faces daily assaults in the form of insults and physical altercations. The pain she endures at…
Abused - Battered Woman’s Syndrome and Murder
ABUSED is an emotional roller coaster ride showing the legal system at work raising the question of how we treat women who kill men that have abused them. 19 year old Susan Greenberg pled guilty to killing her alleged "boyfriend" and was sentenced to twenty-five years to life for first…
Excessive Compulsive Collectors
Part of the Series: Can't Stop
From British eccentrics to American fanatics, this extraordinary documentary introduces the world's most extreme and unusual collectors, from a woman who has amassed an astonishing 2,000 pairs of shoes to a man obsessed with baked beans and a girl from Wales who cannot stop collecting life-like dolls.
Top Fighter 2
Top Fighter 2 takes an in depth look at the female fighting superstars, of stage, ring and screen, with fantastic action footage. Exclusive Top fighter 2, exposes the hardship of Angela Mao's training, the secrets that led Cynthia Rothrock to world stardom, and Michelle Yeoh's rise to the top of…
Seeking Asian Female
Steven is a 60-year-old white American man who works as a cashier in a garage and dreams of marrying a young Asian woman. Debbie, a Chinese American filmmaker, documents his obsessive search for potential brides over the Internet because she hopes to make an expose about his "yellow fever." When…
How Wonderful
How Wonderful is a hilarious and really honest look at pregnancy, featuring a cast of well known Australian actors and actresses. No matter what they tell you, no-one is really prepared for this big event. Thirty-one year old Kerry, a modern career woman, is having her first baby. She teeters…
Half the Road - The Passion, Pitfalls and Power of Women's Professional Cycling
Modern society has long believed that women hold up half the sky in terms of equality and progression. So when it comes to the sport of professional cycling, why aren't women receiving half the road? Directed by pro cyclist Kathryn Bertine, Half the Road explores the world of women's professional…
Cheerleader explores the quest to be a champion, the experience of being female, and the ins and outs of an All-American pastime, all through the eyes of some of the nation's youngest cheerleaders. Cheerleading began more than a century ago in the nation's all-male colleges, and it wasn't until the…