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Spoiler alert: D-Day goes badly for the Germans. Tom Hanks wins WWII.

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Okay, but seemed like a TV movie, cheesy F/X. Yes, this Hitler was no Bruno Ganz (RIP). But neither did Tukur have the force of personality to convey Rommel's historic stature, he came off like a nice guy who happened to be a great military tactician. Prefer James Mason in "The Desert Fox" ...Read more

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James Mason in this role is certainly a classic. and not to be discounted. Rommel was clearly much more of a brilliant General, than he ever was a devoted follower of Hitler...

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I am a most humble student of military history, which I have studied for many years, as a hobby, of sorts. Rommel was one of the most brilliant military commanders the world has ever seen, except that he played on the wrong team. He finally realized that, but only too late. I feel so sorry ...Read more

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At 5'6", Rommel was shorter than Hitler (5'9"). The incessant bickering among the general staff was well portrayed. And I suppose this movie was based on Speidel's 1950 book on Rommel and the Normandy campaign.

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Very informitive!

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splendid cast...ROMMEL so charismatic. why did SPIEDEL SURIVE, I WONDER?

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Wikipedia says Spiegel managed to avoid that kangaroo court we saw in the movie and just got jailed, and then escaped. Also he apparently not only survived but became a freaking NATO high commander. I guess "I tried really REALLY hard to murder Hitler one time" was considered a sufficient get ...Read more

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They could have cast a more imposing and believable Hitler. Other than that, it was pretty good.

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Agreed, as regards the casting of Hitler.

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Moving and sad tribute to a great general. Well played by the lead actor Ulrich Tukur. Never even heard of him before but he made a great impression. I was struck by the spectacular uniforms of the Wehrmact brass. I am sure they were authenticated accurately. Also enjoyed the accuracy of the ...Read more

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Dylan James

very good acting

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This was an interesting film, and I enjoyed watching it.

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