Room at the Top

Room at the Top
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Very nice movie. Reminded me of Citizen Kane. Solid and rich.

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Wonderful to see it again.

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This is that rare, perfect marriage of an actress and a role.

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Timeless, graceful old cinema at its best!

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One of the saddest movie i ever saw..

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Classic, superb British acting, with an irresistibly divine French sauce.

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Great film. Great Simone Signoret. Lawrence Harvey is his usual cool cad.

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Simone Signoret is one of my very favorite French actresses. BEAUTIFUL. Captivating eyes and smile.. Lawrence Harvey is superb. He is versatile. As good as a disturbed urban man as a cowboy in the west. Enjoyable film.

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Alice (Simone Signoret) is superb. Great film.

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