Rubber Dolphin

Rubber Dolphin
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Nicely done. One character initially comes off as uncompromising and opinionated, but in the end, it's the other who is willing to compromise everything to have love and expects others to as well.

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Insightful with excellent acting. Worth a look. Really asks the questions; How does one love and allow oneself to be loved? Also sheds light upon the grey areas associated with gay sex and love and how to (if at all possibilities) overcome said sensitivities and misconceptions.

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Superb acting.

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Hmm. One of those well made films that seemed to be trying very hard to be provocative through a graphic discussion of sex roles, but tripped over the sheets and left me shrugging. I'd keep watching the director, Aharon because he's good. But whatever it is that he's trying to say wasn't said ...Read more

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I wonder whether that guy murdered any Palestinians during his military experience.

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Wow, that was heartbreaking. Great little movie.

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