Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House
Lesbian Jewish Grandmothers

Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House - Lesbian Jewish Grandmothers
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I cried, in a good way though. It's so beautiful to know that they found each other and hung on against the odds. So sorry to hear of Connie Kurtz' passing, my heart goes out to her widow. I'm so grateful to them for everything (and thank you to the crew also of course).

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Connie Kurtz passed away on May 27th. This world famous lesbian acivist would be honored by your watching this film of her life with Ruthie and their world changing activism everywhere they went. She was one of my closest pals on the planet. Lucky me.

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So sorry to hear that. Loved this video.

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so glad you enjoyed the film. Connie was someone filled with joy and fearless in the way she lived her life and together Ruthie and Connie brought joy and love and fearlessness to so many hundreds of others that crossed their path.

I will speak with Ruthie tomorrow and share your ...Read more

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and they were much more than Jewish grandmothers. watch it and find out who Connie and Ruthie really are and were.

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