The Salt Of Life - Gianni E Le Donne

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The Salt Of Life
Gianni E Le Donne

1 hr 29 mins

In his warm and witty follow-up to Mid-August Lunch, writer-director-actor Gianni Di Gregorio has created another sparkling comedy--this time with a dash of the bittersweet. In THE SALT OF LIFE, Gianni plays a middle-aged...

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Gianni Di Gregorio
Alfonso Santagata, Alyn Prandi, Elisabetta Piccolomini, Gabriella Sborgi, Gianni Di Gregorio, Kristina Cepraga, Laura Squizzato, Lilia Silvi, Michelangelo Ciminale, Silvia Squizzato, Teresa Di Gregorio, Valeria Cavalli, Valeria de Franciscis Bendoni
Zeitgeist Films