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Sami Blood - Sameblod
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The Swedish version of residential schools.

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This film is about the institutionalized discrimination that the Sami, an indigenous reindeer herding people from Lapland, faced from the Swedish government and people.

Two Sami sisters are sent off to boarding school in order to assimilate to Swedish culture. While they face the ...Read more

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Very beautiful film. Great imagery. Wonderful performances across the board. Interesting story that is riveting, without being action-based, from first the frame to the elegant finale. Definitely worth watching!

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It is profound. There is no artificial. The two sisters' dresses were a piece of art from their tradition. Excellent acting!

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Excellent actors, excellent information regarding the Sami heritage. It is profond without being supercial. The girls' dresses were a piece of art.

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This film isn't overly sentimental about the sisters and their Sami heritage, and we are treated to a look at some Sami traditions, history
of the area, and prejudices of the ruling white class. Arrogance and ignorance are found world-wide, it appears.

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Thank you, Kanopy, for providing this amazing and educational drama to us. Excellent film, excellent acting.

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I personally found this movie really relatable. It's heartbroken to see that the indigenous people's voices were not treated seriously. And some white people think they are inferior than them biologically. It might seem like a betray that Elle Marja want to do everything to leave her hometown ...Read more

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The arrogance of whites towards indigenous people throughout the world. The Australians, North Americans, Middle East, Asia. It certainly put me in mind of the church and government schools in Canada that scooped up the young kids. In Sweden they were taught just enough to read and then ...Read more

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My ancestors emigrated from what is now known as Finland to America in the 1860s. Part of my heritage is Sami and it was a delight to watch this film since I know next to nothing about the Sami and their way of life. I was surprised to learn of the Sami assimilation attempts in 1930s Sweden. ...Read more

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Try to watch "The Cuckoo" film from 2003. Sami setting for this beautiful haunting story.

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A beautiful but brutally honest rendering of conflicting morals, and the universality of the age old curse of racism. The conflicts faced by Lene Cecilia's character, Elle Marja, are reminiscent of Anthony Hopkins' character, Coleman Silk, in The Human Stain.

Thank you Kanopy for ...Read more

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A haunting story that shows how shame can destroy a family.

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Very beautiful and moving film. I knew nothing about Laplanders and how they were treated.

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Indigenous people world round have suffered and continue to suffer. I've heard the Sami speak at the UN and was so happy to find this movie here.

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Awesome, all good and I am very satisfied.

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I'm so glad I can watch this now thanks to Kanopy!!

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