Save The Farm - The Largest Urban Farm in the U.S.

Save The Farm - The Largest Urban Farm in the U.S.
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Save The Farm - The Feature
Save The Farm is the story about the nations largest urban farm, a 14-acre organic farm in South Central Los Angeles. Over 14 years 350 families build a sustainable community…
Extended Interviews
Alicia Silverstone, Amy Smart, Julia Butterfly Hill and John Quigley discuss seasonal, local organic food, community, self-sufficiency, environmental justice, climate change, veganism, and why urban farming is a great model…
Meet the Activists
Rants, raps poems, and heartfelt reflections from the activists who tried to save the farm, with discussions on peaceful protesting, importance of connecting to your food source, migrant workers, and…
Why Urban Farming
Danny Glover, Willie Nelson, Alicia Silverstone, Julia Butterfly Hills and farm supporters talk about why urban farms are important on our planet now. Includes discussion on local organic food, green…
Spirit Moment
Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Julia Butterfly Hill reflect on the spiritual nature of the South Central Farm, honoring the earth and peace on the planet.
Drum and sacred dance ceremony at the South Central Farms' Tianguis.
South Central Farmer's Buttomwillow Farm
See how the farmers have rebuilt the farm in the central valley, about two hours north of Los Angeles.

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I love this, it is very interesting.

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Thank you for this

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I made Save The Farm because I was so inspired by the farmers and activists who were risking arrest to save the largest urban farm in America, and I wanted to understand and share their passion and their logic for why urban farms are key to sustainable futures for our cities. Working on this ...Read more

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