Science: Anytime, Anyplace

Science: Anytime, Anyplace
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Animals: Science: Anytime, Anyplace
Recognizing children's fascination for animals, this program presents a visual feast as the children care for classroom pets. We watch as children take nature walks to find insects, spiders, worms…
Plants: Science: Anytime, Anyplace
Children learn about the similarities found in all seeds, while also discovering the differences which make each seed unique. They plant seeds and observe their germination and the ensuing growth…
The Human Body: Science: Anytime, Anyplace
This program focuses on the human body. Children learn the mechanics - and the importance - of everyday activities, such as brushing their teeth, washing their hands, preparing and eating…
Weather, Light & Shadows - Science - Anytime, Anyplace
Students study weather in all its stillness and fury. They examine and use thermometers and find out why a change in temperature might also mean a change in clothes. Teachers…
Motion & Machines: Science: Anytime, Anyplace
Children learn all about the motion of machines as they embark on a series of entertaining educational experiments. The students find out what a workbench is and soon understand why…
Water & Sand: Science: Anytime, Anyplace
Students observe the ways of water. They play with sinking and floating items, and they fill and empty containers. To learn about the power of water, they make and watch…

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Michael Geisen, the 2008 National Teacher of the Year, has shown thousands of students how to achieve lasting success. And now, he can give your own student the same vital skills that will carry him or her through high school, college, and well into the challenges of adult life. Packed…
Understanding Your Unique Intelligence
In this introductory episode, students learn what intelligence is, how it reveals itself in multiple ways (including visual, spatial, interpersonal, and logical intelligence), and several characteristics that all great students share.
Developing Effective Habits in Class
Students explore three keys to success in the classroom: preparing, participating, and taking good notes. How can they make preparing for class quick and simple? How can they participate in class without looking "dorky"? What are the best ways to take notes while still paying attention to what's going on…
Working Cooperatively in Groups
Professor Geisen focuses on the techniques of effective group work. Students discover how to structure their group to use everyone's strengths; how to avoid the dangers of insensitivity by communicating with tact; and how to reach a consensus using a variety of methods, including dot voting and weighted voting.
Managing Time and Organizing Spaces
By navigating their busy lives more effectively, students can free up more time and space for true learning--and things they really like to do. First, students will bust the myth that multitasking actually works. Then, they'll develop strategies for planning and prioritizing activities. Finally, they'll learn some secrets to keeping…
Taking Charge of Homework
Here, Professor Geisen gives students tips for creating the perfect study environment, offers them study techniques that fit with their unique learning style, and demonstrates ways to take truly effective notes.
Developing a Creative Mind
Students take a closer look at play, risk, trust, and other mind-sets needed for creative thinking, as well as practical techniques for brainstorming, using a different viewpoint, and changing their environment.
Thinking Critically
Students turn to the second half of thinking: critical thinking, where they decide what to do with all their ideas. They explore how to evaluate evidence, recognize bias, distance themselves from emotions, use logic and reasoning, and much more.
Diving into Research
The ability to research effectively is a huge factor in students' success. Professor Geisen guides them through the process of pre-searching, searching, evaluating, and organizing. They'll also get tips for working with the wide range of sources available to the 21st-century student.
Writing Well
Whatever kind of learning style students have, all it takes to strengthen and improve their writing is following a series of guidelines and techniques. They'll discover the secrets to choosing powerful words, building effective paragraphs, organizing entire essays, spending the right amount of time drafting and editing their work, and…