Science Max Season 3

Science Max Season 3
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13 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Rube Goldberg Machine
Phil builds a maxxed out Rube Goldberg machine and learns a lot about different kinds of forces. Gravity, potential energy, kinetic energy, chemical, electrical - you name the force, we've…
Episode 2 Trebuchet
A Trebuchet is a giant, lever-based catapult. Phil uses it to hurl pumpkins! Mechanical advantage and the history of the trebuchet are what's being tossed your way on this episode,…
Episode 3 Hydraulics
Starting with a small, syringe powered hydraulic arm, Phil maxxes things out by learning how to use the mechanical advantage of hydraulics to crush stuff!!! Plus: Filtering water, the Archimedes…
Episode 4 Rotation
Making a maxxed out spinning top is just the start. Phil experiments with the Magnus effect, gyroscopic precession, pushing string and Da Vinci's perpetual motion wheel.
Episode 5 Geodesic Dome
How do you max out a dome made of gumdrops and toothpicks? Well, how about trying to build one with oranges? Still not good enough? How about pumpkins!? Phil also…
Episode 6 Slime
Slime is made of polymers, which are long chains of molecules that explain how many things are made. From plastics, to fabrics to our own DNA, polymers are everywhere. And…
Episode 7 Antacid Rocket
When antacid tablets mix with water, you get a chemical reaction. Phil harnesses this to make several variations on rockets! Plus: Why acids and bases react, how to use chemistry…
Episode 8 Pumpkin Drop
How do you max out an egg drop? With pumpkins, of course! Material science is the focus of this episode: nitinol, ulexite, carbon nanotubes, hagfish slime, aerogel and a great…
Episode 9 Gravity Boat
Phil tries to max-out a boat that propels itself using nothing but water and gravity. We pour over water specifically and fluids in general. Heavy air, fluid sand, Archimedes and…
Episode 10 Friction Slide
Who'd have thought something as simple as a wooden ramp could teach so much about science? Of course, it's helpful when it's 2 stories tall. Explore friction with frogs, rice,…
Episode 11 Mousetrap Boat
Building a boat that propels itself with the spring tension of a mousetrap is just the start. How about a long line of rat traps? Propulsion and inertia are powering…
Episode 12 Air Surfing
Air is a fluid, just like water. That means you can surf it if you make a tumblewing. Phil explores lots of different methods of flight all while maxxing out…
Episode 13 Nucleation Fountain
Diet cola and mints! A fun experiment that's even more awesome when maxxed out. Air pressure bubbles through this episode, including marshmallows in a vacuum chamber, pulling an egg into…

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