The Second Mother

The Second Mother
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A realistic portrayal of the class divide between a wealthy family and their maid in Brazil. Val is a well-loved housekeeper who has been raising her employer's son at the expense of her own daughter, Jessica, whom she has had to leave behind. When Jessica comes to visit, the whole family ...Read more

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Wonderful film with painful truths about class and expected behaviors. Great acting. Regina Case (as Val) is such a sympathetic figure as a mother. Karine Teles (Dona Barbara) nails the character from welcoming to uncomfortable to livid. Camila Mardila (Jessica) gives a strong performance as ...Read more

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Loved It!!

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Such a realistic depiction of the treatment of housekeepers/nannies not just in Brazil but in Latinamerica! Great performances! Especially by the woman playing Val! It felt more like a documentary than a movie this is exactly how it is!

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One of my favorite films from the past few years. Feels so raw and so real!

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Good plot, with a nice ending.

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This was an excellent film about class differences that is relevant anywhere, not just Brazil. Highly recommend!

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