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From the disorienting title sequence of Saul Bass to the last dissolve, James Wong Howe's camera work is a delight. This is one of the outstanding films about the middle-age angsts of the comfortable classes.

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Worth watching twice.

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I agree. But there is still so much on this website. Never will forget the title "Seconds" starring Rock Hudson again.

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The scene with Mr. Ruby is the standout in this film. And it seems the actor playing him indeed did a couple of episodes of Twilight Zone.

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Seconds was somewhat like a feature-length Twilight Zone; a science fiction, trippy cautionary tale. Be careful what you wish for. Rock Hudson proved that he was more than a handsome face--he can act. With big nods to the legends Gregg Toland and Orson Welles, the camera work by James Wong ...Read more

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Terrific film. Probably Rock Hudson's best performance. James Wong's camera-work is exceptional. The ending is truly scary and will stay with you long after the film is over.

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