Seven Beauties
Pasqualino Settebellezze

Seven Beauties - Pasqualino Settebellezze
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Great movie, great service (Kanopy).

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Haven't I seen that guy in the opening before?
Oh, never mind, it's Mussolini, different hair style.

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Damned good. Kudos to Wertmuller and Giannini. Never thought I'd see Fernando Rey jump into a pool of shit.

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Stunningly unusual film. And why Shirley Stoler's performance was ignored at awards time, I'll never know.

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Shirley w T. LoBianco in "Honeymoon Killers" is worth a watch.

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I've seen it. That performance is a bone-chilling sight to behold.

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Thanks for bringing this to us!

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A disturbing movie. Tough to watch at times. Some incredibly strong scenes. Giancarlo Giannini as a macho obsessed with the honor of his family is amazing.

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That film was miraculous. Stunning. Spectacular. Molto bene!!! xoxo

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Mark J.

One of those rare films that, really, it doesn't matter what anybody else says about it - you just have to experience it for yourself. And that's exactly what it is - an experience. Something that will change you a little (or a lot) after you see it -- like most of her best works. ...Read more

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Last seen by me in 1983 or 84. Strange story is the key word. Was interesting the first time and again today.

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First time I saw this was 43 years ago. Even better this time!

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One hell of a movie. Brutal story with comic elements. Glad to see it on Kanopy.

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A true cinema!

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