Sexy Baby
A Documentary about Sexiness and the Cyber Age

Sexy Baby - A Documentary about Sexiness and the Cyber Age
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I'm as liberal as anyone...but...that 14 yo girl is too much...her parents are so need to be controlled to some about teaching some values, respect for own selves, modesty......I know this is 2017...anyone can argue either way....maybe the main point is ...Read more

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Good stuff, but at the beginning when the narration said that these three women had NOTHING in common I couldn't help but notice that they were all white or white-passing. Not trying to discount anything, just think that WOC, and black women in particular have different experiences with ...Read more

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A diverse look at the problem women face with expressing sexuality. Very informative of different backgrounds and how the media effects how women see themselves.

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Andrew Javorka

Well put together documentary. Interesting to see sexuality among different age groups. Shows the effect that media has over decision making in modern society.

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Slurms Mckenzie

Really interesting documentary! Powerfully challenges where/how any women can comfortably express her sexuality, while also holding onto the pieces of themselves that reject western cultures expectations of women.

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I thought this documentary was very interesting and informative. As we get caught up in our everyday lives we forget about the issues that are facing society in relation to the glorification of sex and sex in the media. Enjoyed watching!

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Although I'm maybe only a decade older than the young girl, Winnie, there is a stark contrast between our experiences growing up. Of course, pressure was involved in both our adolescent years, but she deals with a different, more intense kind of pressure growing up in the digital age.

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