The Show of Shows
Freak Shows, Cabarets and Circus Performers

The Show of Shows - Freak Shows, Cabarets and Circus Performers
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Odds and sods collection of clips featuring bygone era circus/vaudeville and seaside street acts. With a soundtrack from members of Sigur Ros, thats a pretty decent mixtape of mostly ambient/experimental music. Makes neat background entertainment while your doing house-work.

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You don't have to read anything here, and there is no narration. Just watch and take yourself back to the days of full-fledged circuses. The time when death defying acts were the rage. There are many snippets of the old circus days that are long gone. Enjoyable.

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If you like great music (Sigur Ros!) and rare, stunning images, this is a film for you. It's hard to define, really a visual essay about a bygone era when entertainment wasn't virtual and safe, but visceral and weird. With circuses around the world closing, this film provides the opportunity ...Read more

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