Sick Around the World

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Secret World of Wellness
The desire to live forever. The dream of eternal beauty. The search for perfect health. This quest for harmony between body and soul has been the hallmark of humanity from the earliest days of consciousness. In three episodes, THE SECRET WORLD OF WELLNESS brings the timeless wisdom of some of…
Wisdom: Seeing the World as It Is
Now investigate dukkha, the insatiable quality of human experience: seen in our endless pursuit of the symbols of well-being and achievement and avoidance of unwanted experience. Finally, contemplate not-self: penetrating the illusion of the I as an entity separate from the rest of reality, which must be bolstered, protected, and…
Worlds Apart: Together in Adversity
This documentary follows the lives of two children living with disability; one is an Australian and the other lives in a remote village in Thailand. Their stories reveal the unique and similar faced challenges by each family in two very different settings. Joshua Joshua is nine. He has many disabilities,…
Getting Around - Alternatives for Seniors Who No Longer Drive
With host Jerry Mathers, the star of the original Leave It to Beaver TV series, Getting Around - Alternatives for Seniors Who No Longer Drive tackles the challenge of developing mobility options and helping older, at-risk drivers plan for and transition to life-after-driving. Santa Monica, California, was the site of…
Autism is a World
She is her own worst nightmare. When you meet Sue, she does not make eye contact. She does not offer to shake your hand. She may fixate on the buttons of your shirt, but cannot say your name. Sue Rubin has autism, a complicated disorder that causes her to act…
The Dynamic World of Infectious Disease
Dive into the fascinating stories behind three notorious diseases: bubonic plague, malaria, and polio. See how scientists of the time were able to discover the causes of these diseases and develop effective treatments. Also, learn why infectious diseases are still a pressing issue for our society, despite our advances in…
Heart of the Matter
Although medical advances and lifestyle changes have made significant inroads in the fight against coronary heart disease, it is still the number one killer of both men and women in the United States. This program examines the risk factors that, when mitigated or reduced, decrease the possibility of atherosclerosis and…
Booze Less Be Your Best
This entertaining video answers the basic questions about alcohol simply and clearly. It is an ideal discussion starter for alcohol awareness and education programs.
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Features Maryanne Fahey and Peter Moon. Discusses healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and positive attitude before and during pregnancy. Explores problems related to smoking, alcohol and drugs.
Seeing It Our Way
An endearing program that shows how to best assist visually impaired people especially the elderly. Meet several blind and visually impaired people who dispel myths with humour and insightful comments and practical tips about the DOs and DON'Ts. They describe what sort of help works best and the importance of…
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How could someone sexually abuse a child? In this sensitive program hosted by psychologist Peter Quarry experts and victims discuss: Molestation and incest The facts and myths Protective behaviours The impact on the victims Treatment effectiveness
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A woman and her children seek help from the police after she has been bashed by her husband. She is offered a refuge. In this sensitive program Victoria Nicolls explores the myths, the effects of violence on women and their children, the secrecy and the survival strategies. Meet victims, refuge…