The Silent Star
Der schweigende Stern

The Silent Star - Der schweigende Stern
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The Silent Star
The first science-fiction film brought out in East Germany, THE SILENT STAR is based on Stanislaw Lem's mysterious novel, The Astronauts (1951). In it, an international expedition is sent to…

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Its so bad its almost good.

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I usually do not watch sci-fi movies, but I enjoyed this one.

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I'm sure Lem's novella explains much of what is completely unexplained in this movie. It looks incredible, though, from the dark, yet lush landscapes created. For the time in which it was produced, it is pretty good, but there is a severe lack of basic plot building that would leave even the ...Read more

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This film gets five stars alone for the hypnotic, Daliesque, Venusian, dreamscape that frames it's nightmarish finale.

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