Sing - Mindenki
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Lovely film

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that was just lovely

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Saw with my mom. She said, "Loved the sensitivity and realism of the film."

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Such a powerful short film I'm astonished that no one has turned this into a feature length film yet. (If they have please leave me a reply with the title).

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kay louise

Yes, lovely, but way too short!

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What a little beauty of a film!

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Watched it twice!

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The power of unity

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My favourite movie thus far! BRAVO!!!!!

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Perfect example of how the teacher is not always right. Love how the children handled this.

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I love the unity of the children

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As a music teacher and choral conductor I found this film to be very moving and inspiring. Music is as much about beauty as it is about our humanity and about kindness.

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Honey Lane


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Sweet. As a girl I was chosen for the choir in 1967, and we competed for Canada's centennial. the next year, when my parents were going to divorce, I had a "cold", and tried to explain that to a new choir teacher. I was unchosen.

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Beautifully done.

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The ending was beautiful.

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Instant karma.

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Brought tears to my eyes near the end.

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Lovely film with lovely message. One person can change the world!

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Really inspiring on how unity can solve the problem.

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Loved this. Inspiring and so well made.

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A lovely short film about the power of united action. Great acting by these children. Deservedly the winner of the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film at the 89th Academy Awards in 2017.

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Great acting indeed, especially for such young children!

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Captivating. Brilliant and talented young cast with a beautiful message. Kept me hooked 'til the end!

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Perfect little gem of a short. Worthy of the Oscar!

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