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I'm putting Lake Starnberg on my bucket list. The present Prince of Thurn und Taxis is a race car driver with a net worth of 3 billion dollars. Looks like Nene made out alright after all...

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I have a 2 gulden silver wedding jubilee coin dated 1879 from my grandfather which sparked my interest in Franz Joseph and Elisabeth.

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Would one still be able to buy that iridescent fabric? What material might that be?

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Contact MOOD in Los Angeles - if they don't have it, they may be able ti direct you

Good luck

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thank you very much. Now I know a bit more about Bavaria and Austria

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A beloved classic. I recall watching this a decade ago on some cable channel that was marketing it as a real-life Cinderella story and I was glad to find it again. The heroine is a delight!

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The movie (and its two sequels) is a lot of fun and beautiful to look at. An impossibly young and beautiful Romy Schneider stars as Sissi (with her own mother Magda portraying Sissi's mother!). The scenery and 1950's Agfa color are a delight.

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the library has alwys been one of our greatest resources - this sub for video/films just adds to it

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Amazing selection of movies. Thank you TPL and Kanopy!

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I have really enjoyed watching all my movies this month, thank you Kanopy Staff and my local library, well done!! J

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