Small Town Murder Songs

Small Town Murder Songs
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Hmm. Mildly interesting.

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bad bad overwhelming soundtrack

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Uhhhg, That was it? Uncompelling story, failed attempt at creating a sense of mood/place. And, as others have noted, the music overpowered the dialogue so much as to be an ear-sore.

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Excellent story and performances, as well as keeping the suspense throughout. Terrible sound levels though, may be due to ths streaming service, but the huge difference between the spoken scenes and the music is more extreme than I've ever experienced, I can't imagne the ...Read more

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The sound editing was awful and made the movie unwatchable. The dialogue was in mono while all the songs were in full stereo.

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A really good lead performance from Peter Stormare. Slow but effective look at small towns and murder. Powerful soundtrack.

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What accent were they trying to imitate?
Sound track was overwhelming.

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They really weren't trying to imitate any specific accent. Most of the actors are from Canada, and the movie was filmed in and around a small town in rural Ontario. The police officer protagonist was a former member of a remaining branch of the Mennonites and as such, he would have a German ...Read more

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Your review convinced me to watch "this little lagniappe of a film. Despite the overwhelming loud soundtrack (I muted the songs in most places, which was WORK) it was a good film. Wish it wasn't so exhausting.

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Loved the soundtrack, though it is bombastic. Also loved the main character. Worth watching

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Interesting story, good cast and really enjoyed the slow pace in which it unfolds. Accurate portrayal of small-town life.

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Neither good nor bad. Just ok. Have wine by the side.

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Nice cinematography; boring uninteresting story. Zero surprises. Not worth the time. Heavy handed soundtrack; although in isolation the songs are interesting.

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Agree. Wallander with Kenneth Branagh does it much better.

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