Snapshot: Eamon Mac Mahon

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Pedro E. Guerrero - A Photographer's Journey
Part of the Series: American Masters
The American Masters series and Latino Public Broadcasting's VOCES series join forces for the first time to explore the life and work of photographer Pedro E. Guerrero (September 5, 1917 - September 13, 2012), a Mexican American, born and raised in segregated Mesa, Arizona, who had an extraordinary international photography…
Fundamentals of Photography Course
With Fundamentals of Photography, you'll learn everything you need to know about the art and craft of great photography straight from Joel Sartore, a National Geographer photographer with more than 30 years of experience. Designed for people at all levels, these 24 episodes are an engaging guide to how photographs…
Riviera Cocktail: Edward Quinn
No other photographer has captured the far-flung social and cultural life of the Cote d'Azur in the fifties with such intelligent verve and remarkably gentle irony as the Irishman Edward Quinn (1920 - 1997). For over a decade, Quinn showed a perfect blend of persistence and discretion in his daring…
Twin Lenses - Fashion Photographer Sisters
A feature documentary about the pioneering twin fashion photographers Frances McLaughlin Gill (the first woman photographer on the staff of Vogue) and Kathryn Abbe, now in their eighties, who were both married to famous photographers and worked in the glamorous world of fashion and editorial photography in NYC in the…
Mparntwe - Sacred Sites
This documentary focuses on the sacred sites in and around Mparntwe (Alice Springs) in central Australia, and the struggle of the Arrernte people to identify, document and preserve these sites in the face of rapid urban expansion and property development. Max Stuart, Thomas Stevens, Doris Stuart and other Elders talk…
Max Pam
Part of the Series: Visual Instincts Collection
Each series explores the works of Australia's contemporary photographers. It also includes 'After Two Hundred Years' which documents the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life in the late 1980's.The series features talented photographers Fiona Hall, Emmanuel Angelicas, Jon Lewis, Max Pam and Grant Mudford. Episode 5 - Max…
Ordinary Miracles - The Photo League's New York
ORDINARY MIRACLES: THE PHOTO LEAGUE'S NEW YORK is a feature-length documentary film which tells the story of the rise and politically motivated fall of the Photo League, (1936-1951) which for fifteen years served as the center of the documentary movement in American photography at a time when the camera was…
Landscape Photographer, Landscape Artist
Start your photographic adventure by grounding yourself in the essence of great landscape photography. How is it like fly fishing? What artists and photographers have influenced Mr. Melford's own work? What three elements and tools do photographers need to capture breathtaking shots of the natural world?
Physics Demonstrations in Mechanics: Part I
Concepts Covered:
  • Uniform and Accelerated Motion: Position-Time Observations (Stroboscopic Photography)
  • Gravitational Acceleration: Determination of g (Stroboscopic Photography)
  • Projectile Motion: Simultaneous Fall (Stroboscopic Photography)
  • Projectile Motion: Monkey and Hunter
  • Projectile Motion: Trajectory of a Projectile (Stroboscopic Photography)
  • Circular Motion: Direction of Centripetal Force
  • Circular Motion: Centrifugal Effects on Rotating Sphere
Mum, How Do You Spell Gorbatrof?
In 1986, the International Year of Peace and the year that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, 11 year old Eamon Burke launched an extraordinary campaign for peace. Armed with a peace scroll of signatures from hundreds of Australian children, he travelled to the then USSR to meet with President…
National Geographic Masters of Photography Course
The best way to learn any art form, including the art of photography, is by watching a master artist at work. Now, in National Geographic Masters of Photography--24 lectures taught by 12 top National Geographic photographers--you gain unparalleled access to some of the world's greatest photographers. Through our partnership with…
Images of Conflict - War Photography
We are bombarded on a daily basis by images of war, but there is a fine line between embedded coverage and propaganda. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the life of the war photographer worth? On the new battlefield the journalists and photographers are amongst the…