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Towards the end things were so icky and bizarre I have to say the actors were certainly good sports. I give it 4 stars for imagination and nostalgia for the 80's.

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A genre cult classic from the '80's definitely worth seeing. This gross-out movie has plenty dark humor and is crazy enough to make for a fun Midnight Movie!

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Only one thing about this movie is clear to me: If you love gross-out '80s special effects, you need to watch it. But man, that s**t is PROTRACTED. Not a very good date movie unless your special friend is very into...viscous fluids.

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The last 20 minutes is grotesque and almost interesting but this is another horror stinker. Bad acting, bad directing, just totally amateurish film making from the lost 80's. Nothing at all like the Thing which was made by a real director John Carpenter.

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This movie is...for lack of a better word, BONKERS. I understand the comparison to the Thing since both feature exceptional practical effects. While the Thing is a better film, Society should not be missed, if only for it's originality, humor and pure shock value. I dare you not to be blown ...Read more

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When the rich consume
the world, I had no idea
there'd be so much slime.

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I say skip this and just rewatch The Thing (1982).

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Society isn't trying to be The Thing. The subject matter is entirely different. There is more to both movies than just the special effects.

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Somebody slap this fool for me, please.

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The only fool here is the one that doesn't appreciate Society. Butthead.

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