The Sound Barrier

The Sound Barrier
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Okay, fine, it's not history, but it's a very nice print of an enjoyable drama from nearly 70 years ago.

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First of all, let it be said up front that this film should NOT be taken as a history of the breaking of the sound barrier. It was meant to be a work of fiction, dramatizing the conflict between those who risk their lives "pushing the envelope" and those who do not perceive those risks as ...Read more

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Some gorgeous flying footage in this film! Apparently Lean had access to all the toys the British aviation industry cared to let him play with. Anyone who gets snarky about Chuck Yeager not featuring should relax, blame Chuck for being American, and look at this as a sort of conceptual ...Read more

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This movie rings true and getting past all the slow parts is easy if you figure out that all the information during the slow parts actually lead up to the action parts.

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