South Africa: The End of a Dream
Political and Social Turmoil in South Africa

South Africa: The End of a Dream - Political and Social Turmoil in South Africa
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"reverse apartheid" this is a trash documentary.

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Good film. Colonialism, apartheid etc. - anyone choosing to watch this documentary knows that. In this film you learn about something you did not know - definitely not "politically correct".

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Incredibly disappointing one-sided perspective, particularly in regards to the voice-over. Where is the historical context?! So many glaring omissions and glossing over of the historical fact of colonialism. Lots of mentions of ''lands belonging to white people being stolen' or political ...Read more

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It's interesting how this doc leaves the "how?!" of a growing white underclass and little changes for blacks. It might be a bit too generous to gloss-over neoliberalism...

I spent a semester studying South Africa (pre/post-Apartheid) and other than one other classmate, the class of ...Read more

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