Sparra's Kingdom
Episode 4 of Redwall

Sparra's Kingdom
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Ruby's Piano Practice / Max's Bath / Max's Bedtime
Episode 1 of Max & Ruby Season 1
Ruby's Piano Practice: Ruby needs to practice "Twinkle Twinkle" for the school music recital but Max keeps interrupting her, looking for his lost Fire Truck. Max's Bath: Max is still hungry after Ruby makes him a strawberry jam and lettuce sandwich because the sandwich isn't in him, it's all over…
Ruby's Lemonade Stand / Ruby's Rummage Sale / Ruby's Magic Act
Episode 11 of Max & Ruby Season 1
Ruby's Lemonade Stand: Business is booming for Ruby and Louise who open a lemonade stand to raise money for Bunny Scouts. Ruby's Rummage Sale: Ruby and Louise gather together all of Ruby's old clothes and toys for a rummage sale, so they can raise money for a Bunny Scout Field…
Max's Dragon Shirt / Max's Rabbit Racer / Roger's Choice
Episode 6 of Max & Ruby Season 2
Max's Dragon Shirt: At the Department Store, Max wants a Dragon Shirt but Ruby only has five dollars to buy him a brand new pair of overalls. Max's Rabbit Racer: Ruby and Louise are taking baton twirling lessons from Mrs. Huffington and Max is entertaining himself and Baby Huffington with…
Ruby's Figure Eight / Ruby's Surprise Party / Ruby's Tent
Episode 10 of Max & Ruby Season 2
Ruby's Figure Eight: Ruby is determined to skate a figure eight. Max, who barely knows how to skate, is equally determined to play hockey with Roger and the big bunnies. Ruby's Surprise Party: Ruby plans a surprise party for Louise and employs Max as the lookout. But Ruby gets more…
Max's Christmas / Ruby's Snow Queen / Max's Rocket Run
Episode 13 of Max & Ruby Season 2
No one ever stays up to see Santa. No one except Max. / Max wants play with his new Christmas gift- a Screaming Green Alien Gorilla, but.Ruby wants him to help her build a beautiful Snow Queen. / Ruby, Louise and Max are going on a sledding adventure!
Daniel's Birthday / Daniel's Picnic
Part of the Series: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel's Birthday - It's Daniel's Birthday! Daniel is very excited to go to Baker Aker's Bakery to pick out a cake for his party. When they arrive home after a bumpy ride on Trolley, Daniel is disappointed to find that his cake is smushed. It turns out...smushed cake is yummy…
Hide and Seek / Max's Breakfast / Louise's Secret
Episode 2 of Max & Ruby Season 1
Hide and Seek: Ruby plays Hide and Seek with Max but Max doesn't know the rules. Max's Breakfast: Ruby has a special surprise for Max's breakfast: A lovely sunnyside-up egg. Louise's Secret: Ruby can't wait for the phone to ring, because Louise has a big secret to tell her.
Max Misses the Bus / Max's Wormcake / Max's Rainy Day
Episode 3 of Max & Ruby Season 1
Max Misses the Bus: Ruby is all ready to catch the next bus to Louise's house, but Max wants to stay home and play with his toys. Max's Wormcake: Ruby has found the perfect place to grow marigolds in her dollies' garden. Max's Rainy Day: When it starts to rain,…
Camp Out / Ruby's Clubhouse / Max's Picnic
Episode 4 of Max & Ruby Season 1
Camp Out: Max is excited when Ruby tells him they are going to sleep outside, until Ruby explains they are sleeping outside "inside" a tent. Ruby's Clubhouse: Ruby and Louise have made a clubhouse in the backyard, but it's private and Max isn't allowed in. Max's Picnic: Max joins Ruby…
Max's Halloween / Ruby's Leaf Collection / The Blue Tarantula
Episode 5 of Max & Ruby Season 1
Max's Halloween: Ruby wants Max to be a Little Prince for Halloween but Max wants to be a Vampire. Ruby's Leaf Collection: Ruby just has three leaves to collect and she'll have the best leaf collection book in the whole class. The Blue Tarantula: Max gets frightened when Ruby reads…
Ruby's Merit Badge / Max's Apple / Quiet, Max!
Episode 6 of Max & Ruby Season 1
Ruby's Merit Badge: Bunny Scout Ruby tries to earn her very first Merit Badge. Max's Apple: Ruby and Louise's clapping game about making "apple pie" makes Max hungry for an apple. Quiet, Max!: Mrs. Huffington has asked Ruby to keep an eye on a napping Baby Huffington, while she's outside…
Max Cleans Up / Max's Cuckoo Clock / Ruby's Jewelry Box
Episode 7 of Max & Ruby Season 1
Max Cleans Up: Ruby wants to clean up Max's messy room but Max cannot throw anything away. Max's Cuckoo Clock: Max wants to play with the Huffington's toy cuckoo clock and Ruby is sure it's going to keep Baby Huffington awake. Ruby's Jewelry Box: Max is intrigued by Ruby's special…