Spiritual Care & Chronic Health Problems

Spiritual Care & Chronic Health Problems
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Nurses and Spiritual Care
This video program examines the rationale for and principles of nursing involvement in spiritual care, describes qualities in the nurse which are conducive to providing effective spiritual care, identifies specific spiritual interventions and discusses the partnership between nursing and pastoral care workers. Challenges and barriers to providing spiritual care are…
Spiritual Care in Gerontological Nursing
Illustrated in the lives of two elderly people, this video focuses on how spirituality is expressed and nurtured in older adults. Key spiritual issues and spiritual needs are examined, including those pertaining to the cognitively impaired older adult. Qualities of the nurse or within the nurse-client relationship that are conducive…
Spiritual Care and Life Threatening Illness
This video illustrates how life threatening illness could impact a person's spirituality. Spiritual issues and needs are explored, as well as how a person's spirituality could impact upon his response to life threatening illness. Spiritual resources that can be used to deal with such illnesses are identified. All of these…
Spiritual Care In Nursing Practice
Part of the Series: Spiritual Nursing Collection
This video examines the rationale and the place of spirituality in nursing practice through the eyes of a critical care nurse. Guidelines for incorporating spiritual care into practice are explored, as well as nursing skills necessary for effective spiritual care. Spiritual care interventions are identified, including the connection between nursing…
Spiritual Assessment in Health Care
Part of the Series: Spiritual Nursing Collection
This video focuses on the place of spiritual assessment in health care. Through interviews with two people experiencing chronic health problems, the video explores questions for clinicians to use to assess the spiritual dimension. Guidelines for health professionals in conducting a spiritual assessment are also explored.
Spiritual Nursing Collection
Doreen Westera is one of the world's leading expert on the use of spirituality in health and nursing care. Her videos explore the concept of spirituality and its role in the execution of health care.
Spiritual Assessment
This video discusses the role of the nurse in spiritual assessment as well as the focus and principles of spiritual assessment. Stoll's Guidelines for Spiritual Assessment are used to interview three clients: a woman with fibromyalgia, a man who had villis adenoma and a woman who has manic depressive illness…
Spirituality in Palliative Care
This video illustrates how death and dying impacts on both a client's spirituality and family members' spirituality. Key spiritual issues and needs that come to the forefront for palliative care clients and their families are also identified. Spiritual resources that can be used in the journey through the dying process…
Spirituality in Mental Health Care
This video focuses on two clients: one diagnosed with schizophrenia and one diagnosed with manic depressive illness. It explains the rationale for incorporating spirituality into mental health care. Expressions of spirituality that nurture mental health are described. How a mental illness could impact a person's life, including the spiritual dimension,…
Spirituality in Health Care
Part of the Series: Spiritual Nursing Collection
This video focuses on the concept of spirituality. Various definitions of spirituality are examined. Through a variety of interviews, common expressions of spirituality, such as religion, art, music, nature, and writing are explored. The place of spirituality in health care is identified, as well as some implications for practice for…
Spirituality in Health and Nursing Care
This collection is a valuable adjunct for use in classroom/seminar settings or in continuing education for health professionals. Audiovisual resources are known to enhance the learning experience of students. This is particularly so when these resources are linked to "real life" experiences, thereby enabling students to connect theory to practice.…
This video program examines the concept of spirituality, exploring the diversity of meanings and themes given to the term and distinguishing it from religion. Various expressions of spirituality are illustrated. Viewers are stimulated to reflect upon their own spirituality.