Split: Divorce Through Kids' Eyes

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I was a child of divorce myself and am going through it now as an adult. This video was a great reminder of the hardships children experience through divorce.

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Most of these kids had both parents involved, but what about those who have one parent choose not to be involved at all? It's hard to help my child through that.

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really good video. I do like how it is from the kids side.

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Nice it's from the kids side must parents can get stuck on there self instead of what's important to the kids.

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Did not apply to the situation in which the court ordered the video to be watched. The parents were not in the same house, and the kids are far older.

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Trevor Lee

Good video.

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Thought this video would be good for young kids to watch and parents of young kids. I would really of liked to see a video with kids that were from 13-18, I would of connected with it because of my kids being in that age range. They would have a whole different take on it than young kids.

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I found the video to be a very honest look at divorce through a child's eyes and would like to have a video from the perspective of a teenager's eyes.

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