The Squid and the Whale

The Squid and the Whale
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Painful. The pain of divorce is very realistically captured. But the most disturbing and painful aspect of the movie is how horribly bad the main characters are at parenting. They are both narcissist who demonstrate no human regard for their children. The movie is very difficult to watch, ...Read more

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As someone who knows someone who IS the Laura Linney character, I can say this movie brilliantly captured the inherent narcissism that some parents have--unable to see (or even care?) about how their words/actions affect their own children. Great performances (by all four leads) in an albeit ...Read more

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The subject of your email suggesting this movie read, "heartwarming and moving." Seriously? Heartwarming? Moving? You've got to be kidding.

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Ghastly film about a ghastly family.

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I found it very depressing how the needs of the two boys were never reallly given any real care for what they really needed . Each parent was too concerned for themselves. It was very disappointing !!!

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Kanopy sent me an email saying this was "heartwarming". Well, it made my heart ache, but was hardly "warming". Brilliant acting, great writing, and a fairly compassionate depiction of a family in a lot of pain being sometimes really cruel to each other. I get the significance of the title, ...Read more

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It was not believable from the very beginning that Daniels & Linney ever had a relationship.

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Wow. Daniel's character is such a narcissist and so subtle at undermining his ex-wife. The dynamics are so true to life.

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Jeff Daniels does pompous Phd so well, it’s the squid and the whale.

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people did not become less selfish because they become parents... sad!

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Gave this one 4 stars for the creative use of semen.

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One of my all-time favourites.

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