Stalag 17

Stalag 17
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trying to try this out.

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way too many cheesy screwball gags held this one back, which pisses me off because the core story is really compelling and Holden and Graves are doing their best to sell that shit. Animal and Shapiro have as much screentime as Holden (the main character!) in the first half and their only ...Read more

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A glorified Hogan's Heroes. I know it's sacrilegious but I don't think Billy Wilder has any clothes on.

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the more of his films I see, the more I tend to agree

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kay louise

well, had forgotten a lot, but what a story!
course they had to have the comic relief to lighten the grimness of the prison camp-but it was really much worse than this!!

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kay louise

saw this on stage with ESP in Seattle and needed to see the original film to bring it all back! I remember the Testosterone flowing-the all male cast playing the Americans and German roles- both to perfection!

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Gripping drama, outstanding supporting cast, with a surprise villian and satisfying conclusion. Worthy of many repeat viewings.

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Wilder in his prime, but not his best. Flip flops tonally from comedy to drama. Appears to be the template for "Hogan's Heroes".

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kay louise

Well of course they took the comedy for Hogan's Heroes as the basis for all the episodes yrs later!

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