Stash Short Film Festival: Inspired

Stash Short Film Festival: Inspired
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Fired Up
A rousing and emotional short film depicting the origin story of President Obama's famed "Fired up, ready to go!" chant.
Infinite Horizon
One astronaut's expression of the overwhelmed awe and emoton he felt at the sight of planet earth upon emerging from the International Space Station.
The Only Gay in Nigeria
Refugee and former actor Bisi Alimi reveals the intense persecution and violence he suffered after he came out as a gay man in his home country of Nigeria.
The Missing Scarf
Director Eoin Duffy describes his film The Missing Scarf as an "animated dark-comedy, masquerading as a classic kid-friendly morality-tale."
Based on a short story by American novelist and screenwriter Dave Eggars, "Francis" is a horror/mystery short film brought to spooky life in atmospheric 3D animation.
A wonderfully off-kilter and comedic look at ordinary humans and how we adapt to the demands of our life and environment.
Carved in Mayhem
A stark and poetic short film based on the life of Johnny 'Bang' Reilly, a 50-something UK boxer and filmmaker, powered by Reilly's soulful reading his own poem "Carved in…

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Stash Short Film Festival: Student
Prepare yourself for a new wave of directors whose creative ambition and technical mastery expand the potential of short films with every graduating class. Have a look at these five extraordinary examples of animated student films.
Award-winning artist and illustrator Howie Shia marries traditional and digital media with a mish-mash score of jazz, electronics and sampling to create an urban fairy tale that sets to reclaim the contemporary world as fertile ground for epic adventure and romance. This is not a story about humble beginnings, but…
Inspiration Series: The Fine Art of Music Videos
Working outside the music industry mainstream, a rich ecosystem of artists and filmmakers collaborate to create a vast array of fun and fresh visual surprises. Stash Magazine makes a point of hunting down and collecting the most intriguing of these music videos to ensure they receive the wider recognition they…
Horn Dog
In this animated short from Bill Plympton, a plucky canine fends off an obese dog, evil oysters, and a wayward killer violin bow, while trying to win the love of his hearts desire.
Every Dog's Complete Guide to Home Safety
This hilarious short animation offers over 40 safety tips for homes with infants and young children. The film's hero is a very earnest, somewhat pompous, but endearing dog called Wally. A "professional" in home safety, Wally is assigned to a house with an infant whose parents have little safety consciousness.…
This stop-motion animated short introduces a juke box into a greasy spoon diner overrun with cockroaches. The cockroaches get caught up in the music as their lives are transformed by the arrival of this new machine. But the restaurant's owner has a plan: will he be able to outsmart his…
My Financial Career
An Oscar-nominee for Best Animated Short, MY FINANCIAL CAREER is based on Stephen Leacock's witty account of a young man's first brush with banking. When he tries to make his deposit, he is so intimidated by the institution that nothing he says comes out right.
Rocks - Das Rad
In this Academy-Award nominated short film, civilization is witnessed from the imagined point of view of two rock characters who experience time at a much different rate from human beings.
This short animated film about the evolution of life on Earth would make Darwin himself chuckle. It's funnier than any learned treatise, and yet it's all here - from the single-celled amoeba romping about the ocean depths, to the first amphibious creatures crawling onto land, to the forefathers of humans.…
Big Booom
The history of humanity and of our planet in four minutes. An eco-friendly statement developed in a single shot that has it all: humor, action and tragedy. Winner of Best Animated Short at the Independent Shorts Awards and Indie Short Fest.
Four Films by Robert Ascher
This collection contains four animated films by writer, educator and anthropologist, Robert Ascher. These films were created using a technique called "direct animation" -- drawing with pen and ink directly on 35mm film. Films in this compilation have been included in the permanent collection of Museum of Modern Art, the…