A Street Cat Named Bob

A Street Cat Named Bob
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Five stars movie. Thumbs up for James and Bob! Hard life but beautiful story.

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This shows one's direction can come in a unique form.

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Wonderful, accurate and uplifting. This film is excellent.

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Amazing film. Great casting, the characters all connected with each other --and with Bob! Glad to see things turned out so well for James.

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How special is Bob because certainly Love comes in all shapes and sizes. It was a great story to watch, sad with a happy ending.

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A Street Cat Named Bob is a great feel good movie. I didn't realize until the end that it is based on a true story which made me like it even more. The bond between people and animals is quite magical indeed.

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ditto ditto!!

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This movie was wonderful! I loved the cast and the cat, especially after finding out that Bob played Himself! Luke Treadaway was perfect as James. I loved the music, too. This was an all-around life-affirming film. More like this please! One more perfect note: the cat noises were authentic. ...Read more

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My little dog would bark every time he heard Bob. It was the funniest thing to watch. We have four cats and I wish at least one of them was friendly like Bob. Thank goodness for my little dog who loves me.

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OMG so sweet! How could you not love this? My cat came and watched with my husband and me. We all gave it a “high five.”

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A great feel good movie, I couldn't stop smiling.

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I came across James and Bob in London just as he was handing out cards for his book. I became intrigued by his story, devoured the books and have finally gotten to seeing the movie. Loved it. All the feels. Really well done and I'm glad that much of the raw grittiness was kept in for the ...Read more

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I agree with all the positive comments. This is a heartwarming movie especially once you realize it is a true story.

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I didn't realize this was a book until my boyfriend's mom mentioned it. It's super sweet in the beginning; great cinematography and interesting framing, but it gets bad... and sad... we had to stop halfway. But, 3/5 stars! (I hope it adheres to the book!)

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LOVE this movie...Should have 5 stars!

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The wife and i just enjoyed this fantastic movie immensely! One of the best we have seen in many years. The love of animals helping us humans to find who we are. We love this movie

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A lovely, inspiring movie about the power of love from animals, healing ourselves, and what a little help from a community can do to help someone change their lives!

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Beautiful, rich, inspiring story. Loved the music. Raw emotions well displayed. Loved it!

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Oh, I loved this movie!

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One of my all time favorite films. Thank you for sharing this amazing story with the world.

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I didn't realize this was a true story! A beautiful, emotional story about a man and a cat trying to survive and thrive. I love that they did camera shots that showed the point of view of the cat to highlight that the cat is an integral character in the movie. Emotional, and happy ending to a ...Read more

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This was an amazing movie...definitely a must watch!

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An incredibly powerful story that touched my heart on so many levels - from a brother who was homeless (who owned a ginger cat), to a father who didn't know how to love his son, and to a breathtaking creature that saw the deepest part of the soul. Thank you, James and Bob, for sharing your ...Read more

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I read the book when it came out. This film puts the icing on the cake. Such a feel good and inspiring story. James and Bob rock!

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Bob was shown as a real character, rather than just as an animal that happened to be a pet. Well done!

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Wow! I watched this movie with my own sweet cat macduff. We both fell in love with Bob & this wonderfully uplifting story. Can't recommend it enough!!

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Such a hearty kind movie!

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We give this 4 paws!

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Love it :)

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The song was right -- I did need this in my life today. Bless Bob for his astounding talent, and wonderful heart. And James as well, of course! I am richer for being made aware of their story and continuing good work in the world.

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Agreed 100%. Felt exactly the same :)

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Hi Meyre - since we agree on this one, do you have any other favorites? ("This Beautiful Fantastic", and "Hunt For The Wilderpeople" are on the top of my list, along with Bob, of course - love that cat!)

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The Intouchables is available at TPL :) on DVD

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Thank you! I recently watched Maudie, Canadian. at the theatres in Toronto. Also, The Intouchables, French.2012. (Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. starring Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy is possibly the best French movie of the year) I LOVED them :)

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beautiful story!

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an absolute must see. you won't regret it!

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Semi professional, well acted by the main character (and the cat), interesting enough to keep the attention most the time of me 9 years-old son.

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A wonderful movie. I smiled, and I was in tears, and I enjoyed every second of it.

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