Success at Work Series

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Make a Great Impression
Dress for success, be enthusiastic and introduce professionally.
Communicate Effectively
Project positively, listen and respect others and be cl and engaging.
Be Confident and Assertive
Speak with confidence, overcome personal blocks and be assertive.
Set and Achieve Goals
Be clear about your goals and steps to achieve them and persist.
Prioritize and Organize
Plan for success, manage yourself efficiently, prioritize to get results
Contribute to the Team
Speak at meetings, volunteer to help and collaborate with others.
Appreciate Feedback
Welcome feedback without defensiveness and continually improve.
Build Employability Skills
Find ways to learn new skills, manage your emotions and speak impressively.
Demonstrate Your Strengths
Surprise people with knowledge, experience and self-awareness.
Impress at Job Interviews
Create a wow response by quality preparation and interview skills.

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