Sudden Fear

Sudden Fear
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I really enjoyed this movie. I am a baby boomer but had missed this one. Great suspense..

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Great classic. Joan always gives a wonderful performance.

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Excellent movie...this is REAL ACTING.

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I enjoyed it...I love films shoot in black and white !!!!!!!!

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The suspense, music, facial expressions, excellent screenplay, acting and directing make this a splendid classic film.

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The plot and characters in this movie are great. Interesting for somebody in my generation (late gen X'er) to see Jack Palance in something other than City Slickers. I thought there were a few things keeping this from being a great movie: 1.) the plot and characters could have been shaped ...Read more

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I don't agree with Kanopy's statement that this is a "re-discovered" masterpiece of film noir. If you follow Joan Crawford's long career this is very much a significant part of it and one for which she received her third best actress nomination from the Academy. While the first half of the ...Read more

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Excellent film! Well written, well acted suspense.

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Thanks SPL! Missed this week during the Seattle SAM Film Noir series. Now I get to catch-up.

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I saw some comments about how this film started slow, which is a fair assessment, but the story picks up and watching the playwright's agony and meticulous details of how she will protect herself make this a bone-chilling thriller. I wish someone would give me a list of similar of some ...Read more

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the stranger, clue, the front page, lured. sudden fear since 11/1. plus film class. perfection is an amazing avenue.

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A very good movie, I wish it had been just a bit shorter.

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Really enjoyed this one! Lots of suspense! Well worth watching. Also Joan Crawford is phenomenal as always, and it's nice to see "Curly" from City Slickers, in his hey-day. Enjoyed the story, direction, and acting. Hollywood just doesn't make them like they used to.

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Enjoyed this. Was really on the edge of my seat. This must be one of Gloria's earlier movies. She looked young and not so hard edged. Mannix was cute. I love my library!

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I wasn't familiar with this, but it was an excellent, well-acted film. While I'd have liked the pacing to be picked up a bit in the first two-thirds, the last third and specifically, the last twenty minutes were incredibly suspenseful. The way Charles Lang Jr and David Miller shot and built ...Read more

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This was really good. I have seen very few of Joan Crawford's movies. She really was very believable here, especially while she's hiding in the closet. I really liked her acting; she was radiant and believable as a new bride.

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Really quite a good thriller, by the standards of any age. An A+ vehicle for middle-aged Crawford and well acted elsewhere. Also pretty compelling for noir enthusiasts (I'm one) with better-than-average directorial work and intense contrasts.

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That wind-up dog alone is worth preserving Sudden Fear forever.

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Good flick...nice noir twist at the end (no spoiler..don't worry). And moral of the story: dames are nothing but trouble...especially rich or beautiful ones..and Jack Palance ain't no Cary Grant.

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One of the best movies I've seen in a while. It would have been hard to buy Jack Palance as an actual white hat. Knowing he was acting like a white hat the whole time he was wearing the blackest of hats was great. Amazing the whole way through. It was also fun identifying Mannix and Ado Annie ...Read more

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The scene with the wind-up mechanical toy dog is classic. The moment when Joan sees herself in the mirror, with the gun in her hand, shows her acting skills at their best; the director let her have time to dramatize that pivotal moment. One of her best film performances. Gloria G. always ...Read more

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Joan is really cool. I enjoyed this a lot.

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Very involving and Joan is really wonderful. Plus Mike Connors, Jack Palance and Gloria Grahame who always just sizzles! Love the scene of Joan walking up the stairs to hug Palance.

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very worthwhile!

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