A Suitable Girl
Matchmaking & Marriage in India

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The movie meanders too much and lacks focus. It could have been edited down to an hour. Even then it only scratches the surface without leaving much impact. It doesn't shed any new light or slant on the subject of arranged marriages. Are the couples really happy, or are they merely following ...Read more

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arrange marriage work more than marriage. divorce in the west is 50% women in the west are the first to sign divorce paper.

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Iffah Suraya

overall, i must say, this is one of the most beautiful documentaries ever and sheds a positive light on arranged marriage. in fact, arranged marriage may well just be the right way to do marriage.

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Iffah Suraya

If Ritu's mom wants her to get married, she shouldn't be sad about it. anyways, its so unfair that Ritu has to get married just because her mom feels pressured from their society/community.

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Reminds me so much of marriage and family life in Pakistan. We are Indians after all. It is a sad way to live.

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Perhaps it should be named a Suitable Boy. Or maybe it is called that because putting the burden of suitability o the girl attracts more attention?

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Endearing and heartfelt

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Those three girls' stories are happy ending but there's so many other unfortunate girls in India whose stories will break your heart

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there are plenty of heartbreaking stories of unhappily wed women here in the US as well as the rest of the world

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I was pulling for all of them but non more then Dipti and Karthik

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