Summer of 84

Summer of 84
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The descent from sunny Suburbia into the underlying madness is reminiscent of David Lynch's "Blue Velvet".

Graciela avatar

And there is where paralellisms end between both movies. One is a great piece of cinema, this one is pure crap.

Janice avatar

Who asked you for your opinion on my opinion? Keep your arrogant opinions to yourself, poser.

Anonymous picture

Hated it.

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It's not often I find a movie, watch it, and turn around and watch it again. This is one of those. Not only was it a terrific little film, it was full of little messages about what a sensitive time of devolpment it is for adolescent boys. And the near-archetypal decent into a shadowy basement ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Well...I am going to start at the end. The critics that weighed in before me were flabbergasted at the final fifteen minutes of this very effective and downright terrifying little gem. The final fifteen minutes of this film was a literal decent into human evii. I don't want to give away the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It really captured the look and feel of the early 80's and the slasher films that followed but the tone was all over the place. Lead kid was really good though.

Anonymous picture

I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous picture

Loved the movie for the first hour or so and was really curious where they were going to take it... did not expect those last 15 minutes. Went waaay dark all of a sudden.

Anonymous picture

It starts with a fun premise but does not follow through. Basically, The 'Burbs crossed with Stand by Me. On the plus side, Rich Sommer does a good job and there are some creepy moments at the end. Unfortunately, the last 15 minutes are pretty weak and betray the rest of the story. Also, the ...Read more

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Unbelievable, ridiculous, pretty much total nonsense. It could have been a just 'ok' movie, but they decided to include a laughable 15-minute epilogue that ruined the movie completely and spoiled whatever good remained.

Anonymous picture

It was so bad. The acting really horrible, lots of cliches, and the blonde girl has no purpose. It is a terrible cheap movie.

Anonymous picture

This was not very good.... Just very unoriginal. I'm not exactly sure why this got made. The acting was decent, though. And it's got the whole 80's nostalgia thing going on. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a good story to back it up.

Anonymous picture

Pretty average, a little fun, awkward script and acting. One of the boys is played by a 25 year old and you could tell. Also, the blonde girl has literally no purpose in the film except to be the same trope as every pretty older neighbour who teen boy has a crush on. Yawn.

Janice avatar

A fun diversion. Always trust your gut.

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This is a great, somewhat lighter companion piece to Super Dark Times

Sean avatar

The acting from the lead is surprisingly good. He's well cast. While cliches abound, this was more fun and well made than I expected. But yeah, that tonal shift in the last 15 minutes. Upped the stakes considerably. The 80s nostalgia wasn't as amped up as I thought it may be.

Anonymous picture

Watchable to a degree but clunky writing holds it back from being anything good.

jeff avatar

Well, I did enjoy watching it.

But what's the deal with those last 15 minutes? Did a new director take over, who didn't like the whole mood and tone set in the first 1.5 hours? There wasn't really any "surprising twist" ending in the facts of the story, just in the jarring shift of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Well they were 3 directors.
Maybe they spilt the movie in three and each had their own part.

Kinda like the create a story campfire game we used to play.

Anonymous picture

I was transfixed from the beginning; the characters were wonderful and the plot was compelling. Glad I picked this to watch.

Anonymous picture

I love the soundtrack and visuals. Characters are pretty good but at times there was a seemingly unintentional and barely perceptible corniness in the acting that made me nervous. (I am overly critical.) You might enjoy this if you're into Stranger Things, true crime, and 80's vibes. There ...Read more

Anonymous picture

These directors are the same ones for *Turbo Kid* which is a movie I am interesting in seeing. I like this movie. Hoping for a sequel. I don't think this movie banks that much on 80's nostalgia beyond the importance that was newspapers. For those interested in watching this just beware that ...Read more

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