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Wonderful film and touching story. Makes me want to have an affair in Italy. LOL! Definitely recommend.

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It’s been a very long time since I watched the young Hepburn in a film and even longer since I wandered through Italy from North to South by bus, train and boat. This sensitively told film reminded me of Hepburn’s talented acting and how her sense of vitality transcends time and medium. She ...Read more

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Horrible ending...

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A classic! A little bit dated, but the dialogue is killer and Lean captures Venice effortlessly. "Lady, you are peculiar." - what a line.

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I just came back from Venice and I loved seeing places I went, recognizing piazzas and areas. Even the view from the train station is the same, the doors are the same! I want to go back so badly. What a beautiful movie, an era long gone. So glad I discovered it. Thank you Kanopy!

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One of my favorite films—I watch it at least one time every year and never gets old. An absolutely beautiful film.

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I love calling people "Cookie" because of this film!

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Velos y

Love me some Kate Hepburn. Sappy or not.

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One of my all-time FAVORITE films!! I was thrilled to find this on kanopy for free!! I recently learned that I'm part Italian. No wonder I've been wanting to go to Venice my whole adult life...lots of great, lingering, beautiful scenery. What a nice, little gift from the Universe this ...Read more

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A little too cliché story....

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Movies like this are where the cliches were made. I think the acting saved it. Maybe it's a cliched scenario but the delivery of the lines was perfect. Best wishes.

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Velos y

And you expected (fill in the blank) _______ from a film created in 1955.

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Katharine Hepburn keeps it classy!

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The two leads are excellent. A lovely, sad, romantic story. Some great dialogue.

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