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Super Elo
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Forgetful Elo
Episode 2 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
How can Dibo help Elo with his bad memory?
Elo Catches a Cold
Episode 22 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
Cro warns Elo about playing in the cold.
Elo the Brave Knight
Episode 38 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
The Cozy Land friends put on a play!
Elo the Referee
Episode 44 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
The gang decide to play a game of field hockey and Elo wants to be the referee but he finds it's hard to make fair decisions.
Elo Cleans Up
Episode 46 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
Elo can't find his favorite fireman's helmet because his place is so messy. He makes a wish but can't figure out how Dibo's gift is supposed to help him.
Dr. Elo's Hospital
Episode 49 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
Elo wants to pretend playing doctor so Dibo grants his wish and provides him with doctor toys. Dr. Elo begins taking things too seriously, rejecting his friends from playing with him!
Spooky Tree / Spinosaurus Super Model
Part of the Series: Dinosaur Train
Spooky Tree - Shiny invites Annie Tyrannosaurus to Pteranodon Terrace for a sleepover, but all Annie wants to do is investigate the "spooky tree" that Don says "comes alive at night." All Shiny wants to do is stay as far away from the tree as possible. Can the kids get…
Max's Valentine / Ruby Flies A Kite / Super Max
Episode 12 of Max & Ruby Season 1
Max's Valentine: Valentine's Day is a busy time for Ruby and Louise who make special Valentine cards for all their Bunny Scout friends. Ruby Flies A Kite: Max wants to help Ruby make and fly her kite, and Ruby knows kites are too difficult for little brothers. Super Max: Ruby…
Max's Bug Salad / Ruby's Beach Party / Super Max to the Rescue
Episode 5 of Max & Ruby Season 2
Max's Bug Salad: Grandma is having a tea party and Ruby wants to make something special for Grandma's friends. Ruby's Beach Party: Ruby and Louise decide to have a beach party in the sandbox. Super Max to the Rescue: Ruby and Louise decide to play circus in the backyard.
Franklin and the Super Sleepover / Franklin and the Snoring Situation
Franklin and the Super Sleepover: The Beaver family arrives for a weekend stay with the Turtles and Franklin is feeling put out that his familiar routines are being disturbed. Franklin and the Snoring Situation: The game of Submarine Squad grinds to a halt due to Bear constantly dozing off.
Good Morning
Episode 1 of Seven Little Monsters
The Monsters learn the value of teamwork when they are sent to the store for milk. One wants to be in charge, Six falls asleep on the departing bus, Four tries to stage a mutiny and Seven loses his head. But, in the end, they pull together and bring home…
Good Night!
Episode 2 of Seven Little Monsters
It is bedtime and the monsters will not listen to their Mom and go to sleep. Pillow fights, conga lines and even a mosquito hunt is among their antics. But when Mom reads them a fairy tale (featuring the Monsters in classic roles such as Cinderella and Goldilocks) they tumble…