Sweet Bean

Sweet Bean
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the sweets were her freedom

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A heartwarming and heartbreaking multi-generational quiet story that unfolds slowly, like the process of cooking red bean paste. Everyone has a story. Cherry blossoms are an added bonus.

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My child was complaining before we watched. Another drama movie and subtitles, he said. After watching everybody including them were in tears.

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beautiful movie

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Everyone has a story. Beautifully lensed, and excellent performances.

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A quiet moment of genius. This film warms the heart and is as sweet and satisfying as the dorayaki it lovingly captures. Such strong and honest performances from the three leads and the most gorgeous cinematography. Sakuras help too.

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A movie that I highly recommend- Reminding us all to be mindful of others- We all have stories in life but we are all connected by mother nature.

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Extraordinarily touching, brilliantly conceived and rendered. Makes me hope that the novel on which it is based is available in English. I cannot recommend this film highly enough.

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A gorgeous film. Quiet, deep, filled with feeling. Very touched to tears throughout. Highly recommend.

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Great film. Highly recommend.

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Oh, the sakura.... Lovely and delicate with all the promise of a new season. As is this film.

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Charming movie.

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A thoughtful movie.

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A thoughtful commentary on the gifts we bring and the stories that shape us. A gentle and meditative film, sensitively done, reflecting on the lives of leprosy patients in Japan. Love the cherry blossoms.

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