Swept Away
Travolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'agosto

Swept Away - Travolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'agosto
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Mayra avatar

I wasn't able to finish the film... I wish I would of read the reviews before...

Anonymous picture

Oh yeah right. Lina Wurtmueller is totally encouraging violence against her own gender. Dingding, hello! One of the greatest films of all time.

Anonymous picture

Not just a bad film - but one that encourages violence against women. Under the guise of class warfare the basic message of the plot is that if you hit a woman and keep hitting her, threaten to rape her even, she will fall totally in love with you and be your slave. Some men may be stupid ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I don't understand this attitude to film. Made by a woman, reflecting - quite cleverly - the power structures of life that are real - perhaps in an exaggerated pretext, but by no means the most extreme of either. And the woman is the power in the first phase. If you can't make a film about ...Read more

Byravan avatar

I agree Stephen
It is a shocking show of perverted violent sex on the beach. There is no love. Just brutality. I am disappointed with Lina Wertmuller this time and with Giancarlo Giannini as well.

John avatar

This film was a Joy to watch. Had me smiling the whole time. Wish they would make more movies like these today but the SJW PC culture has ruined cinema. (as well as most other things)

Anonymous picture

what is sjw?

John avatar

SJW is Social Justice Warrior and PC means Political Correctness.

Anonymous picture

See my comment below - I somewhat agree with you - but it's more complex than that

Lindsay avatar

In a body of work as bold and controversial as Lina Wertmüller's, it's saying a whole lot to call SWEPT AWAY her most contentious and challenging film. Indeed, many of SWEPT AWAY's harsher critics are not unjust in their outcries; there is plenty here to take issue with. However, what has ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Fascinating film. Watching in the era of forceful resistance to anything deemed suppressive* it was refreshing. It was also uncomfortable of course, but the balance was well produced - discomfort at the arrogance of financial suppression and then later the reflection in animistic violent ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Thanks for your comments, pointing out that this film deals with politics, sex and gender in a complex, difficult, and, at times, brutal way. This film, for me, is not about preaching a progressive message to the converted. Rather it is an exploration of the messy, conflicted world we live ...Read more

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