Symphony of the Soil
An Artistic Examination of Our Relationship With Soil

Symphony of the Soil - An Artistic Examination of Our Relationship With Soil
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This really opened my mind to the importance of the soil ecosystems in sustaining healthy life for all on Earth. I understand now on a deeper level how vital it is to not ignore soil health.

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I am in the middle of a compost class to learn the composition of a good soil and how to preserve it. This movie was very eye opening and we as a people must learn these lessons for the generations to follow.

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A very informative and beautiful short course in soils and the critical importance of biologically rich soils to agriculture. If you enjoy eating healthy food, add this must-see documentary to your watch list. Better yet, watch it with some friends!

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Our relationship with soil goes back hundreds of thousands of years. All generations of humans have walked on soil, observed it, learned from it, and felt part of it. Soil provides food, clay for creating art, bricks for building homes, antibiotics for healing, and gardens for beauty. Soil ...Read more

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