A Tale Of Two Sisters
Janghwa, Hongryeon

A Tale Of Two Sisters - Janghwa, Hongryeon
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Well acted and visually aesthetic but not one bit suspenseful / scary and the most incomprehensible film I have ever seen. Only the second Korean film I've seen, the first being a terrific adaptation of Dangerous Liaisons. This film is a distant second. Won the Sitges film festival? Well ...Read more

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This movie introduced me to some of the most amazing Korean horror films I have ever seen and now that I have seen A LOT of them I still believe this is one of the best.

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Young Su-mi has issues with her wicked stepmother, or something. Uneven and jumbled plot. Beautiful cinematography. Two stars.

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A house is not a home, it's a structure. And the lush, ornately decorated house in TALE OF TWO SISTERS is a very haunted structure indeed. In this celebrated classic of contemporary Korean cinema (originally titled "Rose Flower, Red Lotus," in reference to a particularly gruesome Korean ...Read more

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A very sad, thought provoking story. I still loved it a second time around.

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The reoccuring music is incredibly beautiful and eerie and oh wow, what are people's thoughts? Might need to rewatch

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Anyone have an opinion, review?

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seriously, i keep seeing you on all the good film threads. just had to say, PROPS! this is a good one.

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