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The Teacher - Ucitelka
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M Maria

Excellent thriller about some of the many petty evils of Communist society.

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Lead actress was great, but other than that, not much good here. Poor direction, with a very long non-exposition in the beginning that does not give way to drama or plot. Unfortunately, most of the supporting acting is not good. Slovakia doesn't have a deep bench. Feels like small town ...Read more

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hey Andrew ( like Jerry said ), shoulda stuck around. Not about petty corruption, about systemic "corruption" engendered under a totalitarian regime ( consider time period of movie setting, when the soviet union was the suzerain, which putin is re-establishing re Ukraine, etc. ).
Movie ...Read more

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Wonderful, clever tension!

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Andrew should have stuck around. May have learned a thing or two about the system teacher functioned in.

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Watching small scale corruption isn't fun or edifying. Maybe the movie redeems itself but I left at the 22 minute mark.

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I found the bullying teacher hard to be around. I don't know if she gets her comeuppance but I don't think so and couldn't stand to wait and find out.

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